Re: NC&StL HM-11 Two-Bay Hopper

anthony wagner

In the recent past there has been much discussion on this site of what cars were likely to show up in trains on various RRs. The conclusion seems to have been that in the Post WWII era, which is the focus of many in this group, that car service rules were frequently ignored with the result that for unassigned ordinary cars, regardless of ownership, just about anything could show up anywhere at any time. Empty cars were frequently loaded in the opposite direction of what would have been dictated if car service Rule 2 was followed. Such things as, for example, empty Canadian cars loaded in northern areas for destinations further south or west or empty western or southern cars loaded for movement away from the owning road. At least one person was able to cite ICC or AAR statistics that because of the disruptions of the war years it took decades for the railroads to adhere more closely to the car service rules. The point being that within the time period of this group such things as a southern RR owned car being loaded in say Pennsylvania or Ohio for a destination in New England wouldn't have been too unusual.  Tony Wagner

On Monday, September 10, 2018 10:16 AM, Tony Thompson <tony@...> wrote:

About a year ago I saw a photo of a B&O hopper in the wilds of British Columbia, about 1950. Anything is possible…

       Anything? Maybe, but credible modeling depends on a minimum of surprising modeling. My criterion in matters like this is to avoid anything I would have to "explain."
        Of course you also have to consider your "audience" and its knowledge.

Tony Thompson

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