Re: correct trucks on CB&Q SM-18 stock cars (?)

Nelson Moyer

It depends upon what date(s) you intend to represent. SM-18 and SM-18A stock cars were built between 1926 and 1928, and they originally received arch bar trucks, but they received Andrews trucks before the arch bar ban for interchange. Since your cars have AB brakes, they would also have Andrews trucks. All photos of SM-18 and SM-18A stock cars I’ve seen show Andrews trucks. Later classes of CB&Q stock cars got Barber double truss lateral motion, Barber S-2A, ASF A-3 ride control, or Scullin self-aligning spring plankless trucks, but here is no evidence that I’m aware of where these trucks were ever used on SM-18 or SM-18A stock cars, which were retired in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A few cars lasted into the BN era. It also depends upon how strictly you wish to model the prototype. If you’re fudging other things, you may use whatever trucks you wish to use without regard for the prototype. If any SM-18 or SM-18A cars got any of these other trucks, it would be an anomaly, and with only two cars, do you really want to model an anomaly?  I have 24 SM-18 and SM-18A stock cars at present, and all roll very well on Tahoe Model Works Andrews trucks. Bottom line for you is the decision whether or not to be true to the prototype, or freelance.


Nelson Moyer


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] correct trucks on CB&Q SM-18 stock cars (?)


Hello friends,

I have two CB&Q SM-18 stock cars needing new trucks for acceptable rolling ability. The current trucks are Andrews which I guess are entirely accurate for the cars. But would it also be accurate to equip one car with a different type of trucks? I just like to see some kind of difference on several cars of the same class.
The cars represent a pre-WWII version with AB brakes.

Many thanks for any information


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