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John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

So far as I can recall, Archer was always located in NC. But then I never really paid any attention to them until someone discovered their rivet decals. That was what seemed to get the interest of model railroaders.

Yes, being what started out as military modeler company, it would seem rather likely they could have been somewhere in Europe. And there are several companies that supply detailing items in Canada. But I do not believe that to be the case here.

John Hagen


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What the... ?? I just received this from ARCHER and I thought to ask here -
did ARCHER relocate to the United States? If so, that's good news, but it's news
to me in any case!

Tim O'



As of today it appears we are directly in the path of Hurricane Florence and this could result in a major disruption of our operations. 

We are closing today, Tuesday, Sept 11th and we will be spending all of our time preparing for this storm, so orders received after this morning until further notice will most likely be delayed.

Although the possibility of serious property damage is not high we will most likely be without electricity for a time if the storm hits our area. This will mean we will not be able process shipping labels. Unfortunately, we are located in a rural area, not on a high priority grid and unlikely to have power restored quickly.

You can track the course of the storm HERE
We are located directly above the NC on the map.
Archer Fine Transfers, PO Box 1277, Youngsville, NC 27596

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