Re: D8 Bulldozer as a Flat Car Load


On Thu, Sep 13, 2018 at 4:46 PM Daniel A. Mitchell <> wrote:

The only other possibilities are the old Canon RD8, not bad, but the tracks are undersized. The Woodland Scenics Cat is styled as a D8, but is about the size of a D6. First Gear offers an IH TD-25 which is decent. The best of the lot are some from Overland Models (“stretch” D8’s) and Classic Construction Models (modern D9 & D11), but these get very expensive. CCM’s D11 is about $400!
For $400 that thing ought to excavate my front yard for landscaping as
well as look good on a flatcar.

Jeff Shultz
A railfan approaches a grade crossing hoping that there will be a train.

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