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Bruce Smith

Daniel, Bill,

One other alternative is the Wespe resin kit 87070, US Dozer "Le Tourneau" which is claimed in the instructions to be a "1936Cat RD-4 equipped with an R.G. LeTourneau XC4 Angledozer  blade attachment. The blade has overhead rigging like the GHQ.

Being resin, the Wespe weighs slightly more than the air it displaces, compared to the GHQ. I have yet to build it.  I have 2 GHQ D8s that I have yet to build as well, but the parts on all are nicely detailed. I look forward to building them and shipping a couple of new US Army (or maybe Navy SeaBee?) dozers and then one that has seen some heavy work.

 Rio Grande Models have a BEST Model 60 with blade and a CAT RD-8​. They also​ have some different cast metal construction loads.  I have a few of those!   


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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The only other possibilities are the old Canon RD8, not bad, but the tracks are undersized. The Woodland Scenics Cat is styled as a D8, but is about the size of a D6. First Gear offers an IH TD-25 which is decent. The best of the lot are some from Overland Models (“stretch” D8’s) and Classic Construction Models (modern D9 & D11), but these get very expensive. CCM’s D11 is about $400!

Daniel Mitchell
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Yes, it’s a fine little HO model ... there are two versions, with and without the blade. It’s the best D8 available in HO. Also consider the excellent D7 from Artitech, also in two versions (w/blade, & as a new tractor being delivered).

Dan Mitchell
On Sep 13, 2018, at 6:22 PM, Bill Welch <fgexbill@...> wrote:

Can anyone give personal experience building the GHQ D8 Bulldozer? I am thinking of it as a flat car load. Curious if it builds into a nicely detailed model:

Thank you,
Bill Welch

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