Re: other loads was D8 Bulldozer as a Flat Car Load

Douglas Harding

Here are some AAR diagrams and instructions for loading/securing crawler tractors, from 1944 and 1952. As has been stated it is all blocking, very little tie downs.


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Nice photos!


The dozers shown are D7 types with LeTourneau blades. They had an odd (for Caterpillar) rounded hood that tapered and curved towards the back. No other Cat had such a hood. They are about the same size as a D8, but were lighter and less powerful. Both were used extensively in WWII.


I do agree that the LeTourneau scraper shown would be an excellent item for some manufacturer to model (they are available in 1/48 scale). These seem to have been the most successful of many scraper types of the period. They are mechanically complicated and a challenge to model well. All “actions” were activated by cables driven by winches on the tractor. They came in several sizes. The basic scraper “bowl” could be pulled by either a crawler tractor or an integral 2-wheeled tractor (the “Super-C Tournapull”).


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Bill, Dennis, Dan, Folks,


Lots of interesting photos out there. I agree with Dennis that there usually isn’t a lot of cable/chain for example for WWII era loads, but there usually is some. With respect to dozers, here is a photo from the Farmall factory of artillery tractors  and cranes loaded on last (note that to the right, they are in motion being loaded!)


Another attached photo (Delano, I think) circa 1944 show new dozers with attached blade assemblies.  Cat D6 or D7 I’m guessing?


What I would love to see is a LeTourneau towed scraper model in HO. Similar to the one in the attached photo from the Signal Corps Archive.





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Does anyone have any photos or diagrams of the blockage and cable restraints for a bll dozer load?

My goole-fu is lacking today, but there are some interesting images HERE

From spending all lunch browsing the web, all I can say is don't confuse modern practice with what was required in our era. Photos of modern loads show little or no blocking, but lots of cable tie downs. Steam era practice was lots of custom fitted blocking and few if any tie downs. I recall the dozer that fell off the flatcar in Downers Grove, causing a spectacular wreck on the Q three track mainline, fell because someone forgot to nail the blocking in place. Nothing was said in the ICC report about tie downs.

Dennis Storzek

<WW2 flatcar loads - Farmall.jpg><bulldozers on flat.jpg><LeTourneau.jpg>


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