NYRB Ventilated cars mysteries

Peter Ness

This isn’t terribly important, but it is a mystery to me, anyway;


While gathering information on ERDX 10000-10099 and ERDX 110000-11049 (or 11000-11099 depending where you look…) cars between the Canadian Southern website (wonderful site!) and my January 1959 ORER, I stumbled across NYRB 2500-2599 in the ORER that is not listed on the CS website.


Curiously (to me) there was also a listing of NYRX 2500-2599 both in the ORER and on the website. Now, the mystery (to me) is because both NYRX 2500-2599 and NYRB 2500-2599 have the same dimensions as the ERDX 11000-11099 cars; in the ORER the ERDX and NYRB cars are both listed as Ventilated, while the NYRX cars are listed as Refrigerated.


So, one mystery (to me) is if the NYRB cars were ever built?

Another mystery; if there were only 50 ERDX 110000-11099 cars rebuilt from Lot 734-B box cars in 1958, and 50 NYRX 2500-2599 cars were also built from  Lot 734-B box cars, from what were the NYRB cars built (since they have the same dimensions)?


A couple of questions: Does anyone know what trucks were applied to the ERDX 10000-10099 cars built in 1953 and the ERDX 11000-11049 cars built in 1958?

How were cars without roof hatches ventilated? I have not seen any photos of the NYRX cars, but in 1958 I’m assuming they were mechanical refrigerators without hatches….


For information, all of this was driven because I have a couple of ERDX cars made by 5th Avenue Shops (IIRC) sometime in the last millennium.  I sort of put these cars aside a while back because someone told me; “Yes, they are nice cars but the prototypes were 50’ cars”…and I never checked until now.  So there may be problems with roof, ends, sides, brake gear and trucks, but knowing the length is close to correct is a start down the path of redemption for the cars.


Thanks for any and all help on the NYRX and NYRB questions, and truck info for the ERDX cars.


Peter Ness

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