Times have changed!


I think we all realize how lucky we are theses days in terms of the quality of the models that are available to us.   

Today I was looking for a car that I had stored somewhere and came upon a box of old stuff that I picked up at an estate sale years ago.   There were a pair of Varney four-wheel roller bearing passenger trucks and a pair of Megow six-wheel passenger trucks, both fairly crude but usable even now.   There was an unopened packet containing a pair of Mantua couplers  (for 25 cents).   And there was a glassine envelope containing the parts to build a pair of freight trucks.   Check out the photo.   Note that the wheels on the left have larger holes.   Those are to fit over the insulating bushings (the little black thingies).   And those sideframes!  

We should  remember this when we are complaining about some item not being 100% accurate, right?

Steve Kay

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