Re: NYRB Ventilated cars mysteries

Tim O'Connor

 > I have not seen any photos of the NYRX cars, but in 1958 I'm assuming they were
 > mechanical refrigerators without hatches
 > Peter Ness

   Seth Lakin replied -
     NYRB 2500-2599 are the same cars as the NYRX 2500-2599 cars. Both the ERDX 11000-11049
     and NYRB 2500-2599 were converted from NYC lot 743-B boxcars. Under MDT-NRL specification 244.
     These were converted by DSI under construction lot 936 (different from NYC Lot 936).


If Seth is correct that NYRX 2528 was from lot 743-B (DSI 1945) then they must have replaced
the ENDS too, because this car (photo attached) has 5-5 Dreadnaught ends, while the 743-B box cars
all had postwar dreadnaught ends with a 4/4 rib pattern. I've always assumed these NYRX "Early
Bird" box cars were rebuilt from 1940 AAR design box cars - 734-B or 735-B.

These NYRX 2500-2599 cars were the only other NYC freight cars to receive the Early Bird logo.
Champ produced decal sets for these cars (HR-57 and later SHS-257) but Greg Komar produced a much
improved set, KOMAR #83.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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