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Peter Ness

Tim, Seth,


Thanks very much for the information. My source on info for the NYRX and EDRX rebuilds from Lot 734B is the database on the Canadian Southern website.


Looking at the photo of NYC 179000 on the website in comparison with NYRX 2528, I guess I’m thinking that since the side sills are different and the 8’W sliding plug door was slapped on the side, I guess I can think the ends, and perhaps running boards were changes, too, maybe?  After all, if these were insulated cars, they had to take something apart to make the construction insulated?


Nothing like a good mystery!


Attached is a snippet from the January 1959 ORER showing both NYRB and NYRX cars and the drawing from the Canadian Southern website for both ERDX 110000-series and NYRX2500-series.


Peter Ness


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 > I have not seen any photos of the NYRX cars, but in 1958 I'm assuming they were
 > mechanical refrigerators without hatches
 > Peter Ness

   Seth Lakin replied -
     NYRB 2500-2599 are the same cars as the NYRX 2500-2599 cars. Both the ERDX 11000-11049
     and NYRB 2500-2599 were converted from NYC lot 743-B boxcars. Under MDT-NRL specification 244.
     These were converted by DSI under construction lot 936 (different from NYC Lot 936).


If Seth is correct that NYRX 2528 was from lot 743-B (DSI 1945) then they must have replaced
the ENDS too, because this car (photo attached) has 5-5 Dreadnaught ends, while the 743-B box cars
all had postwar dreadnaught ends with a 4/4 rib pattern. I've always assumed these NYRX "Early
Bird" box cars were rebuilt from 1940 AAR design box cars - 734-B or 735-B.

These NYRX 2500-2599 cars were the only other NYC freight cars to receive the Early Bird logo.
Champ produced decal sets for these cars (HR-57 and later SHS-257) but Greg Komar produced a much
improved set, KOMAR #83.

Tim O'Connor

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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