Re: NSS gondolas.

Tim O'Connor

The photos I have of NSS gondolas show the brake hose perfectly in line
(seen from the side) with the middle of the coupler. Since the couplers
emerge from the end sill, the hoses just emerge from a hole in the end sill.

Tim O'

A few years ago, I Purchased one of Richard Hendrickson’s Newburgh & South Shore 40 ft gondolas. I plan to leave the car mostly as is to honor my friend. The Kadee #5s have been replaced by scale couplers, and since I don’t use magnetic uncoupling I cut the pin off. I’d like to add a hi-tech details air hose to finish the car off, which I don’t think existed when Richard built the car.

In order to know how to mount the hose I’m in need of a photograph of an NSS gon in the 1200 series. The car number on the model is 1245. Any help is appreciated.

Brian J. Carlson
*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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