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Daniel A. Mitchell

I agree, with the possible explanation being that it’s  model of a modified tractor (see my earlier comment on this model). It’s obviously a D7 established by the hood shape. But it is too long. I surmise that it’s a model of a side-boom Cat stretched to make room for the boom and winch. It also sets too high on it’s tracks. So, my guess is i’s a side-boom Cat D7 with the boom removed. Maybe?

We have not discussed the side-boom tractors yet. They started as user modes fro pipeline-laying purposes. The factories picked up the modification and started offering them in various sizes and types. Somewhere along the line it dawned on folks that BIG ones could lift and carry damaged railroad cars. That TOTALLY changed how railroads deal with wrecks. Big side-boom D8 and D9 tractors are now the norm for most wreck service. Nowadays these are owned and operated by independent contracted companies "on call” to the railroads. These versatile machines have all but exterminated the big railroad wrecking cranes, as they can "attack” a wreck from multiple points at the same time, where RR cranes could only work from ends inward. Most wrecks can now be sufficiently removed as to “open the line” in a few hours (leaving a big mess to be cleaned up later).

The big side-boom tractors are now so common that they are cataloged separately in the manufacturers model listings .. though they are still based on highly modified standard tractors.

Overland built brass models of two Cat types in HO and O gauges … a “Union Pacific Wreckmaster” (with custom DC flatcar), and a more conventional side-boom cat.

Dan MItchell

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I hope most of the items will still be available under the new ownership.
CF has produced some excellent models at reasonable prices.
However, the “D7 Similar” crawler tractor ain’t one of them. The proportions are wrong. It does not look like any crawler I’ve ever seen, in life or in photos. The crawler itself is too long and the upper structure is too small. I is the only model of theirs that does not look “right.”
John Hagen
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Just to point out for more experienced and knowledgeable folks to visit and review, Custom Finishing (present-day Custom Finishes started by the late Bob Rzasa) produces a line of HO scale “maintenance” equipment including what is called a “D7 or similar” Dozer. Someone was looking for blades – there is a blade kit cataloged, but perhaps it’s a design that only exists in the future.
There are some parts/kits that are useful, including Hy-Rail wheel sets. Burro  cranes and Fairmont speeders. So it may be worth a browse to see if there are any items of interest.
Peter Ness

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