Re: [ResinFreightCarBuilders] Pirated resin parts on Ebay

A&Y Dave in MD

Well said. Apology apparently not needed but appreciated. End of story.

Nice theme for Talk Like A Pirate Day 😏

Hope you share some photos of steam era freight car models you have!


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On Sep 19, 2018, at 4:23 PM, Matthew Dowd <matt.dowd4@...> wrote:

The listings in questions have been removed and the request of the IP holders for these models have been honored. I apologize for the hassle this has created. 

As info, I was not the first entity to resell these molds. They were purchased from another, far more massive, eBay seller (Trainz) and I was simply trying to recover my costs for those that I didn't want to keep for personal use. I included as much information as I could gather about them (including manufacturers manes and specs) to ensure that the buyer was aware of the details, not with the intent to misrepresent them. There was never any malicious intent and this will serve as a formal apology to the community of resin freight car enthusiasts. 

As I mentioned directly to Mr. Oliver, I've learned my lesson and retreat with my tail between my legs. Thank you all for your time and dedication to this hobby. 

-Matthew Dowd

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