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Kemal Mumcu wrote:

I would like to see .64 wheels produced in a cost effective way and then we can match the realism of our wheels with all the etched metal parts we put on our cars.

     In visual terms, this is correct, but there is another issue. The choice of the 0,088 tread width was really made as the smallest practical size that would also operate properly on NMRA trackwork. Anyone operating with 0.064 wheels will have to also rebuild (or replace with scratchbuilt) all trackwork to a scale standard. This standard exists, of course; it's called Proto87, and it looks magnificent. But it is NOT interchangeable with the trackwork we are used to.

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You are correct Tony. This is also the path that P48 people tread. I've dabbled in P87, (I even converted recently my first steam engine to P87) but I feel I can't jump fully into P87 without more commercial support. The look of the finescales are beautiful but they require more dedication/money /tools/and time that even I'm not willing to invest in.

All that to say that after experimenting with P87 wheelsets, "semiscale" wheels look toylike in comparison.

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