Re: wheels

Todd Sullivan

I've tried all the wheel types mentioned - 0.110", 0.088", PROTO:HO and Proto:87, and built limited amounts of track and turnouts on which to run the Proto styles.  Actually, correctly gauged track (straight and curved) supports all 4 types of wheels.  Turnouts, crossings, etc. are a different story due to the back-to-back dimensions of the Proto wheel sets and the necessary narrower flangeway and point dimensions to accommodate them. 

The best compromise that I settled on uses the 0.088" wheel sets and points that are set slightly wider than NMRA standards (resulting in a smaller gap between the point and stock rail).  Everything else about the turnouts are very carefully gauged to the NMRA gauges.  Photos attached - first photo is my point positioning and the second photo is P87 Stores' stock positioning.

Todd Sullivan.

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