Flat Car Chains, Was: Poultry Car Tarps

Rod Miller

On 9/25/18 11:25 AM, Bob Chaparro wrote:
In the background to the left in this photo is a poultry car with a tarp pulled up over the car roof:
I assume the tarp was used to protect the birds from bad weather.
My questions are:
Who would have been responsible for deploying the tarp, the shipper's rider (if there was one) or the railroad?
Was their a tariff for using the tarp?
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA
The chain and hook, apparently on both sides of the coupler,
on the flat car caught my eye. I speculate the car was used
in some sort of logging service where the chains would have
prevented a train break because of uncoupling on rough track.
Or were chains with hooks commonly used in some locations?

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