Re: Rapido NP DS boxcars are out

Jon Miller <atsfus@...>

On 9/29/2018 3:50 PM, BRIAN PAUL EHNI wrote:
Any dealers out there willing to bust up the 4-packs? I’d like a couple of the “NP “MAIN STREET…” 1951-56” version

    I got all mixed up on my orders and first ordered a 130002 and then changed to a 130004.  I buy from HOhobbies.  Have to call and see what I am getting .  I think Rapido has sold out (to dealers) the first run, just a guess.  Anyway I'm willing to trade a couple (in my era) but not sure what I'm getting yet.  I'm also guessing the mail order dealers are breaking up the 4 packs.

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