Re: Flatcar Load: Conning Tower Tube

Tim O'Connor


BUT ... the other stencil is CT-8. If that doesn't mean Conning Tower...

Could be a tube that is INSIDE the tower, and as you say it could be to support
something heavy that rotates.

Ah! I didn't notice this. Thanks for the observation!

If it's for BB-63 it would likely be the base for some large (probably rotating) component like a rangefinder, or gun-director (optical or radar). In any event, it's only about half the diameter of a conning tower, and just not heavy enough (these things were 18" thick), and in an Iowa-class BB they were not round, but oval shaped.

Very interesting!

Dan Mitchell

Note the "BB-63" stencilled just above the weight- this would have been for the USS Missouri. IIRC, the Missouri
was launched at Brooklyn in early 1944, and commissioned about mid-year, so the 10/1943 date of this photo
seems about right.
Graham Dean

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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