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Bruce Smith


I favor the Intermountain ladders from their FGE kit. You can order the spurs separately if you call them directly. In addition, you can get the FGE/BRE/WFE style hatch rests.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, Al

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Sent: Monday, October 1, 2018 3:28 PM
Subject: [RealSTMFC] BREX Reefer Ladders
Hi all,

Trying to upgrade an Accurail BREX 75000-75999 series reefer with extra details ala Bill Welch and Mont Switzer.  After carving off the ladders among other stuff, I have  questions about the ladders and their dimensions.

First, if I assume the original ladder I carved off was the correct dimensions, it appears wider and with greater rung spacing than other ladders I have in my stash even different compared to the ladder supplied with the Red Caboose version of the same reefer. 

Mont's article calls for a Detail Associates 6-rung ladder # 6208.  What I've found is that 6208 appears to be a 4-rung ladder which is confusing.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, but Bill does not mention which ladder he used in his article and probably made his own.

Lots of information about details such as brakes and trucks exists but I haven't found much on ladders.  I've tried to "guesstimate" the dimensions of the ladder from the photos in the articles to which I have access but I don't trust my calculations.

My questions: How wide were the BREX ladders (rung length) and what was the rung spacing?

I decided to post my questions to the group rather than Bill or Mont directly in case others had the same or similar questions.  I'm very willing to try to build these ladders as Bill has suggested in his article on building ladders titled Ladder Insanity.

George Corral
La Grange, KY

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