Re: Flatcar Load: Conning Tower Tube

Benjamin Hom

Loyal Shellback Marty McGuirk wrote:
"... but it's the same thing"... Spoken like a true 'wog... <g>

Aye, this list is infested with a large and slimy cargo of land-lubbers, beach-combers, cargo-rats, sea-lawyers, lounge-lizards, parlor-dunnigans, plow-deserters, park-bench warmers, chicken-chasers, hay-tossers, sand-crabs, four-flushers, cross-word puzzle bugs, and all other living creatures of the land, and last but no least, he-vamps, liberty-hounds, and Drug Store cow-boys falsely masquerading as seamen and man-o'-warsmen who have never appeared before Neptunus Rex.

I challenge those to provide proof of initiation into the Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep, or remain silent on this subject until their inspection by His Majesty's Royal Staff.

Ben Hom (for)
Davy Jones, Scribe of Neptunus Rex

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