Re: Coupler lift bars.

Jim Betz


  "Casual" ... Really?  How about "ROUGH"?  *VBG*

  My approach is to "live with the realities" ... in other words - you either
have to have equipment that lives in a display case or you have to 
accept that not everyone who handles your equipment will take the
care in doing so that you do.
  Broken/bent/missing high brake wheels, trucks/wheels/couplers that
get damaged, antennas that break off, railings that get bent/broken,
horns that go missing ... even entire cars (or God forbid trains) that go
to the floor.  These are all things you have to "accept" if you are 
going to operate your stuff.  
  Do you have to like it?  Of course not.  But you do have to "fix it".
At least it is EXceedingly rare for someone to even report damage
they caused (much less offer/be trusted to actually do the repairs).
                                                                                                            - Jim

P.S. The more "scale" and/or "prototypically accurate" stuff gets ... the
        more I like brass detail parts.  Or even entirely brass equipment.

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