Re: Inside view of NP circular roof construction

Norm Buckhart

if you will see the number stenciled just inside the car and to the left of the top of the door you will note that the car is part of the 4000 series.  I believe I see 4035

norm buckhart

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As per data in the October 1926 ORER, there is little difference between the 5000 (125 cars listed) and 6000 (1000 cars) series Northern Pacific XA boxcars. All dimensions are the same. Neither has a note indicating end doors.
The 7000 series are noted as having end doors, but those are 40-foot cars.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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I'm curious what serious differences there are between this car and the 5000 series model from Speedwitch. End doors on the 6000 series?

Colin Meikle

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