Re: Inside view of NP circular roof construction

Norm Buckhart

I believe it to be a Chicago-Climax Radial roof.
norm buckhart

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Dave Nelson asked about the roof. Is it well documented?  Yes the 6000 series car is very well documented, with numerous paper plans. However I do not have these all scanned.  And like much research, come from sources claiming a copyright. (Dubious copyright claim or not, I uniformly honor those claims as I do like researching at the sites. And in my experience with some, yes they can and do track use.)  


       Of a factory fresh interior shot of the 6000 series cars. None was in the builder’s photo folio. I stated that I know I have a photo around somewhere however it is not at my finger-tips at the moment.


The car number of the interior photo: Please re-read my prior post, forth sentence from the end in the post. I was quite clear on what car number the interior photo was and gave it as 4982. On outside dimensions, the cars are similar in dimensions, with the 6000-30000 series cars having fixed ends.


Yes the 4982 does have an end door as you can see. Could explain the photo in the folio.


  The roof design plans are largely the same design regardless of box car series. I say largely, however not identical.  


 NP stock cars with radial roofs are different.
   This series of NP stock cars 80000 – 80049 were leased from Mather Stock Car Co, and do have the circular roof, however different interior bracing.
                                                                                                                                          James Dick    Roseville, MN 

<6000 and 30000 cars001 _ Copy.jpg><XM A 4982 _ 3 _ Copy.jpg><XM A 4982 _ 2 _ Copy.jpg><NP 83260.JPG><NP 83260 Int.JPG>

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