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Could this tube have contained an elevator or other lift from the magazines to the gun turrets?

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Garth Groff

On 10/5/18 3:09 PM, Daniel A. Mitchell wrote:

NO, the photo presented here does NOT match the tube shown on the gun flat. Not even close. The actual "conning tower” described here is much larger, three stories high, with 18” thick walls. Not mentioned here, but it is also oval in cross section. This main "conning tower”, by itself, would weigh several hundred tons.

Someone’s earlier suggestion that the tube shown on the gun flat was a connecting tube joining the lower part of the “conning tower” to the main armored citadel a few decks below makes sense.

The thing shown on the flat is only (at most) nine feet in diameter … with 18” thick walls that leaves only about six feet of internal diameter, less any cabeling and piping running through, plus a manway (ladder) of some kind … leaving not enough space inside to do much of anything. Another problem is that this tube, if 9' in diam. with a 6’ hole through it, and perhaps 20 ft. long, would weigh almost 200 tons by itself. FAR more than a single gun-flat could carry. The tube is just NOT that heavy!

So, it might well be a lower connecting tube as suggested, smaller in diameter and thinner of wall, but is certainly NOT the actual "conning tower” of an Iowa battleship.

Dan Mitchell
On Oct 5, 2018, at 11:59 AM, Matt Smith <flyn96@...> wrote:

Here’s an article describing the conning tower tube of the Iowa class.

The description appears to jive with the picture and Ralph’s link.
Matt Smith
Bloomington, IL

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