Georgia USRA Steel Rebuild w/Aluminum paint

Bill Welch

Although I have been collecting photos of these Georgia cars for years it was the acquisition of a 1956 Jack Parker photo of #19733 with a good shot of their welded roof that gave me the confidence to build a new model to replace a much earlier build. I recently finished painting my Georgia USRA 50-ton Steel rebuild. Recently I finished painting it and have now applied the decals. I was not pleased with any of the Acrylic Aluminum paints I experimented with but despite its grainy look I liked the dull look of what you see here. I painted the black first and then mask it for the Aluminum. It seems like no matter the masking job I do, some of those pesky metallic granules sneak under the mask so then I mask the Aluminum and spayed more black. Next I attached the Speedwitch doors, door guides and the scratch built ladders I had already painted. The aluminum and black effectively hide the many harvested rivets required to properly model these cars but hopefully weathering will eventually bring them back.

Speedwitch has decals specifically for this car but I had to also use their Atlanta & West Point/Western Railway of Alabama set because the Georgia set does not have the “XM” nor does it have the numeral “7” or enough of “3’s” to do car #19733. I have several photos of these cars in this scheme and some seem to show black “paint outs” while in others these appear to be boxcar red. I decided to do one side with black and the other with BCR. There was also some variation for the “XM’ stenciling location so I did it differently on each side. After the flat coat is applied I will install black Kadee bracket grabs that have been dulled by media blasting. The last item to go on will be the scratch-built black Wood running board. Before installation I will sand it lightly and carefully to chip or wear some of the black paint from it.

If you are curious you can search “georgia usra rebuild” to see photos under construction and in primer.

Bill Welch

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