Re: BAR/NH Insulated Box Car Resin Kit

John Hagen <sprinthag@...>

Why would colors be pixelated? That is controlled by the artwork. As long as the artwork is a vector format, there should be no pixelation.
Pixelation occurs when when vector artwork is rasterized, or if the artwork is done using a photo program. All photo formats are pixelated (rasterized) and are a poor choice for decal artwork.
Yes, if at a high enough resolution and the file has not been changed or re-scaled, a decent print can be made. But using a SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) is way better and easier.
Having had decals printed using Oki laser proof printers, I have not found any pixelation. What I do find is problems with the thickness of the printing causing problems with getting the decal to conform to the surface it is applied to and even problems with getting them to adhere to the model.
If they can get around those problems, the Oki printed decals will be a real boon due to their range of colors and high resolutions,
John Hagen

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