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Yes I am probably going waaayyyy overboard on this. But I feel a need to be very accurate on describing decal problems because some are caused by the printing machine, some, generally more, by poor artwork and some by not understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different printers.

Anyone who takes the time to draw accurate vector format graphics for artwork is got a good start on producing a good decal.

Then it becomes a matter of what printer you have available and/or what you can AFFORD to have available.

In the case of Alps printers, someone who know exactly what they can and cannot do with one can produce some very well done decals.

Vector graphics eliminates “pixelation” and spot printing when u sing an Alps will eliminate the “spot matrix” effect.

This is not easy to do at times and impossible at other times. But I have printed decals that are mostly spot color with certain areas that most be printed using the printers color matching function that are very nicely done.

For the general railroad freights car colors of white or black, there is no problem using spot colors. A rather common green and red can easily be done using layered spot colors. Only a very bright, pure yellow and be printed using spot colors. If you can find tinting cartridges such as Spot Red, Green and Blue many other hues can be spot printed. There was a process orange that is now all but impossible to find.

For any other yellow, including the common “safety” yellow used by railroads. All but a very rather reddish orange and any grays, you will need the matrix colors.

Sorry about my “rants” but so much is not understood very well.

John Hagen



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On Wed, Oct 10, 2018 at 02:36 PM, John Hagen wrote:

Not being able to use “Spot Color” mode on a printer does not create pixilation.

What is does create is a “spot matrix” pattern in the color. There is a definite difference.


Does it occur to you that the previous poster was using the wrong term? Whether one calls it pixelation or a spot matrix, the end result is pokadots in your graphics, which is a complaint I've heard since the ALPS was first introduced. We have an ALPS, which I don't design for, but I'm under the impression we could get black, white, red, green, blue, and some metallics in addition to CMY, which we don't even stock.  I know Eric occasionally runs two layers of different spot color to get what he needs.

Dennis Storzek

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