BAR/NH Insulated Box Car Resin Kit RESET

Peter Ness

Dear All,

I titled this RESET because of original thread drift to discuss the technology of decal printing and vagaries of pixelation which, while informative are not aligned with the original intent. 

As of today we stand at 34 units which is a far cry from the minimum 50 needed.

I will keep this open through the upcoming weekend before calling it quits. The original message follows in case this is your first time reading this.

I am looking for interest in a resin kit of the New Haven 45000-45099, BAR 2000-2299 40’ Steel Plug Door Insulated Box Cars (XIH) built by Pacific Car and Foundry in 1953 for both railroads.

While these cars wore several schemes over the years, they are most noted for the popular red, white and blue “State of Maine” scheme. This will be a one-piece body kit.

If you are interested, please email me at prness”at”roadrunner”dot”com. Please use the title of this notice as the subject of your email. Also please include your name, mailing address and the quantity of kits you will purchase.

50 orders should do the trick. For those who reply I’ll keep you posted of progress towards the goal.

Thanks for your help and support.

Peter Ness

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