Re: E&B Valley RR ACF Covered Hopper

Tony Thompson

Steve Kay wrote:

My new attempt is square and gaps are minimal, but the fact of the matter is the car doesn't look as good as the Bowser and Kato shake-the Box kits do.   And it takes a lot more work.  I haven't tried Intermountain's version, which I am sure is more work (due to more parts, etc.) but I am willing to bet the result is better.

    When the E&B Valley kit came out, there was no other square-hatch model available. Thus lots of people bought and built it, including me. But the side stakes are distinctly oversize, and the roof peak is too high (compare a model to any prototype photo, or to the accurate InterMountain version). I don't operate the one I still have, and wouldn't urge anyone to try and put lipstick on it today.

Tony Thompson

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