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Peter Ness

Hi Eldon,

Thanks for your voice of support. I've changed the subject to avoid thread drift.

Interesting to learn of NYC support. New Haven modelers were/are an odd collection. Back in the day - before the E&B Valley Hoppers, Osgood Bradley and Pullman Coaches, many NH modelers were happy to have Athearn BB 40' steel box cars and the foobies produced in other NH schemes made by the really old Branchline (the one that Custom-painted Athearn kits) and New England Models. At the same time NH modelers were quite literally flooded with an abundance of Custom brass steam, diesel and electric motive power, there were darned few correct pieces of rolling stock. Brass Cabeese, yes. Plastic freight cars, not so much. There were articles published on how to carve a basswood roof to set on an Athearn coach, because until E&B came along, the alternative was Soho brass. Concord Shops made brass plated sides that could be used with E&B Valley core kits.

There was the very old (and incorrect) Walthers wood box car and Westerfield has offered an accurate wood box car for quite a while, but that era is not as popular with NH modelers. I have a Westerfield kit because some soldiered on in Work Train service. Sunshine made a correct flat car. When F&C hit the scene with a bunch of prototypically correct head-end cars, sales were brisk at first. They were flat kits, and the yellow resin warped unpredictably. Some of us overcame these intricacies because at last we had correct cars. However, the first F&C experience was enough for some modelers. A short time ago I discussed the F&C NE Caboose kit that was bought by many, built by few.

A very long time ago a company called E&C Shops made a very good 50' PS Hyrdacushion box car. Can't find one since. Robins Rails made a 50' double door PS box car with near -correct doors, but not until Kadee a complete correct car.

If you want a NH DCFC you can choose between Red Ball - yes, that old Dale Newton Wabash Valley Red Ball - or Eastern Car Works. None since, and that's only the 36' version.

It wasn't until Red Caboose and (the later) Branchline released the 10' IH "1937 AAR" box cars that NH modelers had their first prototypically correct, quality freight car in mass quantity. Kadee is producing the first correct 10'6" PS-1 NH box car next year. Speedwitch and Intermountain made another correct flat car. There are still a many cars to be done and the Insulated Box car is one of them. Open top hoppers? the old Athearn 2-bay, Roundhouse 3-bay, and Athearn quad were close to correct for several types, but oh that quality. Accurail made a better quality 2-bay. Same for gondolas until the F&C release.

There are some of us that have rolled our own over the years. A number of years ago I built the NH 10' PS cars with IDE's. I used a combination of Branchline and Intermountain parts. A few years after that Intermountain produced the car for the NH Historical and Technical Association as a limited run. Now they offer the NYC Pacemaker version and a later New Haven repaint, but not the one in service from 1945 to the end of time for this group. Missed the limited run, missed it forever. Good thing I built three!

So I cannot take the position "please help us poor New Haven modelers" as much as I'd like to. I can understand a lot of NH modelers have bleeding wallets due to the plethora of releases of passenger cars and motive power from Rapido, but for many NH modelers an insulated box car just doesn’t seem to float their boat all that much. Most respondents are looking for foreign road cars and a couple of BAR modelers who like this car as well. The cars did run on foreign roads as far west as California. I recall seeing a photo of one in Los Angeles. So, if it fits your post-1953 era it's not a bad one-off to have in operation.

There is not enough interest among NH modelers to get this one done.

Peter Ness

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Peter is right about F&C's business plan, and it definitely includes: a) tech support, and b) sales.

Steve used to tell me the story of a NYC kit he did, and called NYC buyer support "the kiss of death" thereafter. PRR fans bought him out on a recent hopper project, and ordered more in similar numbers, in the first hours of the first morning of the convention, followed by hours of discussion and photo browsing, for what classes PRR fans wanted next. A small group of us provide regular "data packs", in support.

If folks want a given kit, they have to prove it.

Elden Gatwood

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That is sort of the plan. The original F&C kit was a flat kit, and there was just a thread reminiscing on the joys of building flat kits. I’ve been there and still am for some needs.

Steve has the 1-piece body ready to go but due to poorer than anticipated sales of the New Haven gondolas and lack of support from the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association (that is another story), Steve is reluctant to throw the product out there when he has so many other projects going. I completely understand this.

I missed if the late Stan Rydarowicz released this car and if that was one-piece. I know it was catalogued, but that’s it.

But, show Steve there is interest and it will be done. That’s my mission, but from responses so far it looks like Steve has made the right call to date.

Peter Ness

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Why not ask Funaro & Camerlengo to rerun their kit? I built years ago and thought it built into a nice model. Or maybe that is your plan Peter.

Bill Welch

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