Re: [Non-DoD Source] Re: [RealSTMFC] F&C Support was BAR/NH Insulated Box Car Resin Kit RESET


Mention of the Intermountain/Red Caboose 10'6" AAR car prompts me to let folks know know that I have 3 of theseĀ  cars released by the New Haven Historical Society that I would be open to trade for an undecorated or painted in another scheme(must be a kit) is of interest. I bought these anticipating stripping and painting into another scheme, but would prefer to work on something non historical society related. Contact me directly if there is interest.

Allow me to clarify and correct: I have 3 of the NH cars made by the Historical Society. I would like to trade these for 4 other IM/Red Caboose 40'6" AAR cars (as long as it's a kit, decorated or undecorated doesn't matter). I paid a little more for these cars than typically was being charged for the IM/Red Caboose car thus the uneven trade request. Will be happy to answer any questions.

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