Re: E&B Valley RR ACF Covered Hopper

Stan Madyda

I was friendly with the owner of E&B Valley and got a bunch of these kits to build.  Still have them.  I called them friendship kits, because if I could stay friends after building one, that was a good thing.  As someone  told me early on, get a big file an bevel the corners and that would help with the assembly.  He later did the airslide hopper, which was his best kit.  Under Robin's Rails, he came out with the 50' PS-1 box cars.  Not a bad kit either.  For the time, they were an improvement over the molded on detail kits.  After he stopped producing kits, he got into painting and lettering for Bev-Bel and did some cars under his own banner, PFA Models (Pretty F&^$ing Accurate).

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