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A few days ago I purchased THE RAILROAD PHOTOGRAPHY OF JACK DELANO by Tony Reevy (ISBN 9780253017772) from E.R. Hamilton Booksellers. I have found Delano's photographs which we have discussed to be fascinating. This hardback book runs 186 pages, and is filled with Delano's railroad photographs from the 1940s when he worked for the Farm Service Administration and its successor the Office of War Information. The majority are black-and-white photos of railroad subjects, including trains, facilities and people (both men and women--it was wartime). It also includes a section of 34 color views. The text, which I have yet to read, tells us more about Jack Delano, and his several journeys around the country to photograph trains.

All of the photos in this book are held by the Library of Congress, and are probably available online. This volume represents only a selection from his work. The largest group are photos of his cross-country trip on the AT&SF, but other chapters include various lines around Chicago, the BAR in Maine, some PRR , and three striking color views of "Hulette" ore unloaders. I was disappointed that the color photos of the C&NW Chicago yards which we have poured over were not included, but there are other freight yard photos with lots of identifiable cars. There is also plenty of atmosphere here to help a modeler doing the late 1930s or the War years, especially in the color shots.

Considering that the book is only $9.95 (plus $4 shipping and handling per book if paid by credit card, or a flat $4 for your entire order if paid by check), it was worthwhile, despite not having some photos for which I had hoped. Hamilton's is a close-out/remainder house, so if you want a copy order soon.

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