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gary laakso

Maybe a sheet is needed for other resin vendors like Chad Boas, Protowest Scale Models, Jerry Hamsmith and others.



Gary Laakso


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I suspect that the creator of the poster was thinking of the RPM MEETS as beginning with Sunshine's Naperville gathering.  We know that there were RPM rooms at NMRA nationals prior to 1994 and that the RPM movement was well underway.


But this was the 25th Sunshine meet and we were particularly honoring Martin's memory along with those who helped make the huge variety of Sunshine kits for transition era cars.  Martin, himself, would have acknowledged the Al Westerfield helped and encouraged Martin when he was just starting out in the business.


I think that Mike Skibbe will be posting the entirety of the slides we used for Friday evenings FOFC panel discussion, but I will attach a slide that I developed that tries to trace the evolution of resin freight car kits.  The line begins in the late 1960's with O scale epoxy resin cars in O scale from Bill Clouser and passes through hybrid type kits, such as WestRail and Roller Bearing Models.  I defined the first generation as the flat kit era, with the second (current) generation being the one piece bodies, along with some sources continuing with first generation technology.


Comments are welcome on this.




Steve Hile


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Thank you for posting that photo collection.

I must say, I understand a single poster showing the timeline of Railroad Prototype Modeling
is pressed for space... but to mention Sunshine without mentioning WESTERFIELD is to my mind a
huge omission! The RPM movement was already well developed when Sunshine came onto the scene.

And I think the genesis of RPM was not the models, but several important publications! Authors
and scratchbuilders led the way - RPM could never have happened without them.

Tim O'Connor



Here is a link to my photo gallery from this weekend's RPM Chicagoland:

And... some video I shot at the show as well:


Jeremy Dummler
Wauconda, IL

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