Re: RPM Chicagoland Photos

Tim O'Connor

I don't remember those articles (I was an avid teenage reader of all things railroads)
but I do remember being very impressed in those days by the models of Paul ...[?? damn
another brain cramp] and his beautifully WEATHERED Southern Pacific steam locomotives in
the pages of Model Railroder - at a time when very few people (other than John Allen)
were weathering any of their models.

RPM isn't just rolling stock!

Tim O'Connor

As a impressionable teenager, I remember just being entranced by the March 1971 Model Railroader cover which featured Bill Clouser's O Scale boxcars on the cover. The detail for freight cars was incredible for the time.

There is an interview of Bill by Bob Hegge in the MR issue where Bill describes the process in how he builds a model to make molds. There is several pictures of his completed model work along with a picture of a number of different boxcar ends waiting to be used. He discusses initially selling these boxcars in the "Ultra-Scale" line in the late 1960s. He discontinued selling them by the time the article was published, but said because terrific response, he was thinking about reissuing them. Perhaps someone knows if he did.

A worthwhile read to see the thoughts of a early modeler casting resin kits.

Bill Hirt

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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