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Dennis Storzek

On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 03:38 PM, Peter Ness wrote:
For example, I know (from reading, not memory!) that Frank Ellison was writing articles on prototype modeling in the 1930’s…there were others as well.
Peter, I don't know if Frank Ellison really fits that image, from the articles he authored that I recall reading in back issues, his mantra was realistic OPERATION, where instead of running 'round and 'round in a circle, a train departed from a yard, worked its way across the layout, and finally terminated in a yard, although the track plan I vaguely remember showed that one yard was common to both ends of his layout. "A model railroad is a play", If I remember his statement correctly, " the layout the stage, the trains the players, the schedule the script." As to equipment, he reportedly would remove the pilot and trailing trucks on some locomotives, to cut down on derailments. So much for prototype fidelity.

The author I recall first pointing out that the way to build a convincing model was to find a neat prototype and follow it was one time MR editor Paul Larson, although he was concentrating on structures. The scratchbuilt structures for his Mineral Point & Northern that he wrote up for RMC after he left MR were real gems.

The first in depth article about a prototype freightcar I recall was on the X29 boxcar in the original Prototype Modeler magazine sometime in the mid to late seventies. It was like, wow, why can't we have histories like this for all the cars. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the author's name.

Dennis Storzek

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