Re: Intermountain PFE Roof Color Variation Between Runs

Tim O'Connor


The R-40-10 is a post-1949 REPAINT. The R-40-23 is the "as delivered" paint. Both of them need to
be weathered, so why worry about it? :-|

Tim O'Connor

I just received a preorder for Intermountain PFE  R-40-23 reefers, and the roofs are much lighter and redder than all of the other Intermountain PFE reefers I have. I attached a photo of an Intermountain PFE R-40-10 with the R-40-23 to illustrate the problem. Is this range of colors acceptable, or did Intermountain and their Chinese factory botch the R-40-23 run? I hate it that we have to buy pigs in pokes.
Nelson Moyer


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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