Re: Intermountain PFE Roof Color Variation Between Runs

Tony Thompson

Nelson Moyer wrote:

I just received a preorder for Intermountain PFE  R-40-23 reefers, and the roofs are much lighter and redder than all of the other Intermountain PFE reefers I have. I attached a photo of an Intermountain PFE R-40-10 with the R-40-23 to illustrate the problem. Is this range of colors acceptable, or did Intermountain and their Chinese factory botch the R-40-23 run? I hate it that we have to buy pigs in pokes.

     Tim is basically right, they need weathered anyway, but the red roof at right is way too red, in my view. And BTW, not the first time IM has done this.  They also do all kinds of variations on the orange, despite help with both colors. I suspect they turn the factory loose to do what works.

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