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Rob Kirkham

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Let me help you remember a little more -

Smoky Mountain (Jim King?)
Blue Ridge Historics
CHOOCH - ULTRA SCALE kits (O scale)
Pittsburgh Scale Models (Byron Rose, also a pattern maker)
Randy Anderson (pattern maker)
Joe Pennington (WONDERFUL resin detail parts for freight cars)
Dan Kirlin (resin detail parts maker, now owned by Yarmouth)
Steam Shack (Central Vermont and Rutland kits)
Norwest Kits - Brian Pate (Canadian kits)
Sparrow Point (John Green)
Pocahontas Models (N&W box cars)
OnTrak Models (highway trailers)
Kaslo Car Shops

Yankee Clipper

and ... oh damn I've forgotten ... a dealer who sold wonderful O scale resin car
models at Naperville for years, as one piece bodies ... Ted Schnepf !! =D>

and passenger car parts makers whose names escape me.

and TOM MADDEN (not mentioned)

Just trying to help! :-)

Tim O'Connor

Attendees know that we mentioned and expanded on every resin car manufacturer that we could think of. There were no huge omissions, and Dennis Storzek was mentioned for his contributions as well. We even had the early sawtooth Soo Line boxcars out on the timeline tables.

I went ahead an posted Steve Hile's presentation online here, which should help frame this conversation in a more inclusive light:

Mike Skibbe

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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