C&WC Rebuild

Bruce Griffin


Probably a simple answer, but I hoping someone can point me to a source for a roof for a Chad Boas Charlston & Western Carolina Double Door rebuild that requires a Intermountain 40' panel roof. I believe that the red caboose roof is preferable but I do not have one and Andy Carlson cannot find his stash to sell one. 

So so my question is does anyone have a red caboose roof for this resin/bash or can anyone tell me what I looking for?  There is a train show in Timonium this weekend so I can search there.  Any help appreciated.  If anyone is going to the Timonium show I can offer recommendations for the best crab cake in Maryland and it is not where you think.  Thank you for your consideration.

Best Regards,
Bruce Griffin
Ashland , MD just off the NCR Trail

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