Re: When did USRE Rebuild begin to appear

Tim O'Connor


My earliest photo of a car with the USRE "United States" map on the side is from 1962.
The LS&I sold PS-1 box cars to USRE in 1961. And I have a note that says Tennessee Central
500-564 were leased from USRE in 1958. I evidently got this TC information from a letter to
the editor written by Stephen D. Johnson and published in the May 1989 (or possibly 1987, I
have conflicting notes) Model Railroading magazine. :-[ Eric Neubauer noted that the TC cars
were from USRE "Lot 179" so I'm guessing that means they were already in business for a while.

Tim O'Connor

USRE is/was the rebuilder of freight cars and used for corporate identity an outline of the continental United States stenciled on the side of boxcars that is easy to spot in photos. My question is does anyone know when this company began their business?
Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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