Re: Resin casting - the view from here

Denny Anspach <danspachmd@...>

Tom Madden’s post was and is a class act of achievement on multiple levels, and as Dennis Storzek (no slouch there!) comments, the real innovation comes when a discovery is turned into something lasting and useful.

Tom’s mention of the work that Bill Clouser did with layered Strathmore papers prior to his landmark work with resin certainly was revolutionary for me at the time (I wore out the relevant MR issues!) I was utterly dumbstruck at the time by what this man could and did do with …..this dense fine grained all-rag-content paper. This then was my go-to for fine kit building for decades, and there is rarely a kit -wood-styrene-resin- that I tackle that does not contain within or without some parts fabricated from this paper (a fine historic kit (c. 1939-43) being putting together right now for a fellow RPM modeler -"using best modeling practices, parts, and materials of the time-). I will surely be making use of this medium. When by serendipity I discovered that Strathmore board was vital to aspects of my daily work (the grain is so small, even, and dense, it casts no inherent shadow to transmitted light), I made certain that a lifetime supply went into retirement with me (instead of landfill).

That Tom would post this most interesting, gentle, and informative narrative to us while he is still in the shadow of Mrs. Madden’s memorial service brought a catch to my throat, because I too have been there, and recognize how this healing process -serving others- can do such good work.


Denny S. Anspach, MD
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