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That is quite likely.

As I said “I could very well be wrong.” And I meant that as I often am, especially since joying the “Geezer agers” (Golden Agers? Still waiting for that).

The layout I visited was in a second story of a somewhat ramshackle appearing building in downtown Batavia. Not being of svelte proportions in those days (nor now for that matter) I suspiciously eyed the outdoor stairs and balcony we used to enter the 2nd floor. But once inside he scene was, for me at least, amazing.

While the main line cabs were on the same level as we were, the layout was one floor down.

The layout made extensive use of scenic dividers so anyone on the operating floor could only view their immediate area. All the local and/or switching run were on that using walk around controls.

I recall that the club was about the most popular destination used for the annual bus trip.  

Any earlier layout I was before my time with the WISE Division.

John Hagen


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I remember the Batavia walk around layout well. I can’t believe it was 1974 that it was torn down though.

If you are addressing my post, I believe you misinterpreted what I said, which was the G-C club layout I was familiar with in high school was torn down in 1974. That date from their web site. I dropped my membership about 1970 when I had to go out and work for a living :-(

The Batavia club was still going strong through the eighties, IIRC.

Dennis (two n's) Storzek

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