Re: In defense of the blue box

Dave Owens

I've been working on a couple of freight cars -- steam era, mind you
-- a building and some vehicles.
And I have reached the conclusion that I am truly mediocre.
But I'm still having fun.
I do aspire to do models like Bill Welch, Brian Banna, Mal Houck, Neil
Schofield and so many others, but I'm a long way off.
Dave Owens
Muddling along in West Hartford, Connecticut

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Bravo! I have always assumed that we do model trains for fun! And I agree that not every model has to be a museum piece. If I approached it that way, I'd never get around to building my layout.

Jim Hunter
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Some light reading... and yet I hope it strikes a good chord. I still assemble
blue box kits and I get a kick out of it. :-) Not every model needs to be a museum

Tim O'Connor

*Tim O'Connor*
*Sterling, Massachusetts*

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