Re: Early RPM Efforts

Rossiter, Mark W <Mark.Rossiter@...>

Al, I meant no disrespect in my comments on your NYC hopper kit.  I purchased and successfully assembled many of your boxcar kits made of the same material.  It was the scale thickness of the carbody walls on the hopper car that caused me the most angst.  Visually, they looked awesome.  They just didn’t hold up to repeat handling.  I also struggled with how to add the proper weight to the car.  Having said that, the instructions and prototype background information provided was light years ahead of any other kits on the market at the time.


I don’t recall which local hobby shop I purchased the kit from (they are all long gone now), but whichever one it was made no mention of your replacement policy nor did they remove any of the original kits from their shelves.  I suspect they felt it wasn’t worth the effort, especially if purchasers such as I didn’t complain about them.  I remember thinking at the time that my modeling skills were just not up to the task yet.  That didn’t stop me from buying lots of other Westerfield kits, just not hoppers.


Mark Rossiter   




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