Re: In defense of the blue box

G.J. Irwin

The STMFC and the RPMs show that we can aspire to great modeling without feeling superior about it.  (And boy, would I need a lot of aspiration to get anywhere near what RPMs display.)

As much as I enjoyed shaking the box, both with my dad when I was much younger and with my children before they "aged out" (for now?), I also enjoy seeing what is possible.  One of the happiest moments of my life was taking my late dad to an RPM-like display in Central New Jersey (Somerset, I think, or thereabouts) and watching him marvel at what was there AND having explained to him what the modelers did, with not a hint of pretense.   Kudos to all of you who make that happen everywhere-- I'm sure my dad's experience was not an isolated occurrence.

George Irwin
"I can spell RPM, at least"

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