Re: Ann Arbor Boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Here's another one, still in the black paint. And it appears to have a PEACOCK brake wheel.

Tim O'Connor

Definitely ex-Wabash double-sheath cars rebuilt as steel-sheath cars.  They operated in revenue service as AA 1100-series cars then became MofW/Company Service boxcars.  Most were black as MofW cars but a few were repainted orange in later years, especially if they had special equipment or a specific use.  One was stenciled "Pettibone Car".

And ... now for something completely different ... check out the attached photo.  AA X4624 was a plain old black car used for company material storage at the Cadillac, Michigan freight house.  In 1972 the "Michigan Artrain" began operating and one of its first tours brought it to Cadillac where it would be parked next to that black boxcar at the freight house.  The local high school art class got permission to "spruce up" the site and they got to repaint the boxcar.  Both sides of the car had different artwork on it.  While sitting in Cadillac, it had no lettering on it.  Prior to being moved to Boat Landing yard at Elberta it was given the lettering shown in the photo that I shot in July 1976.  Ultimately it went to the AA shop in Owosso and was repainted in a plain oxide red scheme.

Craig Wilson
Sure would make an interesting custom decal project, wouldn't it?


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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