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Daniel A. Mitchell

The problem besetting most of us regarding the wire mesh on the poultry cars is not the 1.5” mesh size but the 1/8” wire size. In HO scale that’s only a little over 0.001”. None of the available mesh, either woven or photo-etched, is nearly this small. Thus the fine mesh screens available are far too dense, and usually barely transparent at all. Photos of the poultry cars show the screens as very transparent, and the chickens (or whatever) inside as very visible.

The issue here is really the mesh OPENING size, not the wire size. To get an adequate opening, and accompanying appropriate transparency, a larger than scale wire size is a necessity.

And, if woven, the larger-than-scale wire size results in a mesh far thicker than scale. Was the original mesh woven or welded?

Even if a scale wire-sized screen was available it would be spider-web delicate and pretty much unusable. Thus, due to the larger-than-scale wire sizes involved any screens available in HO have to be far coarser pitch than scale or you could not see through them.

Dan Mitchell

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I downloaded her PowerPoint presentation from the Chicagoland RPM web site. Given that you know the screen size, it should be easy to figure out which mesh size matches.
Nelson Moyer
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Where did you she her presentation?  I'm one of those whom work kept me from attending.  

The screen I measured on the existent poultry car in StL, IIRC, is a rather simple welded wire diamond mesh pattern of ~ 1.1" x 1.1" square.  



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