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Steve and Barb Hile

Not that I am personally interested in any (more than enough projects, already!), a little back of the envelope calculation reveals that if 9 people went together to purchase the minimum quantity of the referenced material, they would each pay $13 and come away with shared piece that would be 6x16 inches.  Far better than $10 for a 3x3 swatch.
Steve Hile

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Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Poultry Cars

Dan have you looked at Kristen’s clinic pdf? It includes photos of the still existing car. The close up photos clearly show a woven wire mesh. I would suspect galvanized wire, as the cars shows considerable rust in places, but no rust on the woven wire.


The website posted by Nelson offers a mesh in the necessary wire size. And Ralph has pointed out a mesh opening is offered that comes close to that on a poultry car, for use in HO. Will it be shiny?Using stainless steel no doubt it will be. But do we have anything else that comes close?


I, for one, think this is an exciting development in the quest for a poultry car. Having been researching them for some time myself, I was excited to see Kristen’s presentation. And the ensuing discussion about a possible etched screen, and now the offering of a suitable wire mesh makes a credible model all the more possible.


Doug  Harding


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