Re: CNJ boxcars in LA circa 1947?

Tim O'Connor

I completely agree with Bill's statement, and it was especially true 1941 to 1945
when normal car service rules were mostly suspended (except for car service directives).
Nevertheless, I've never seen a photo of a CNJ box car anywhere near the west coast in
the steam era (i.e. prior to 1960). I admit I haven't looked for them, but still...
After 1960, however - CNJ acquired LNE "X29" (ARA, really) style box cars and those I
have seen several times in the west in photos. My Dad even took a picture of one in
Pueblo CO in 1967, still wearing LNE reporting marks.

Tim O'Connor

 XM boxcars went everywhere.
 Bill Welch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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